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Latest 2020 Badminton Shoes Guide

Badminton, one of the most exciting and fast-paced games, is getting very popular these days. In this, the player has to move here and there to smash the cock gradually. It needs rapid direction changes and lateral movement. That's why the shoes of the player have to be suitable for this kind of action.

Almost all the shoes made for playing badminton have a thinner sole that lowers down the center of gravity, which helps in preventing significant injuries while playing. That's why it is recommended that the player wears special badminton shoes while playing in spite of regular running shoes.

In the year 2020, various companies like Yonex, Thrax, Li-Ning, etc. are going to introduce the best quality badminton shoes with world-class technology to make the player comfortable while playing.

Let’s discuss some tips that can surely help you to buy the best shoes to play wild:

• Must have best traction and grip
• Awesome cushioning
• Light in weight
• Offer assurance of high performance

On the other hand, the players have to take care about on which surface they are going to play. Different badminton courts need different types of shoes to win the game. Apart from this, on what position you are going to play is also the main factor while purchasing badminton shoes.

Latest 2020 Yonex Shoes at Khelmart

Yonex, the leading brand in sports equipment, is the globe’s number one company. Numerous international players use the badminton shoes introduced by Yonex. It invents high-quality and high-performing shoes so that the player can win the game for sure.

Yonex Aerus 3
Yonex has proudly introduced the second version of Yonex badminton shoes that quickly absorbs the high impact on footwork while playing without compromising the movement. Its main features are: -
• Power graphite lite plate under the middle portion to enhance the stability and reducing weight
• Offers high strength with 3 D power carbon
• Very favorable to assist shape

Yonex infinity series
It has a double dial BOA Fit system that offers perfect fitting according to the demands of the movement. Its main features are: -
• The upper portion of the shoes is highly durable with double Russel mesh
• The shape of the boots is Toe Assist shape that improves the support on mid-foot and heel
• Syncro fit insole creates a good rapport between the shoes and foot

To improve the overall shape of the shoe, Yonex use the True Shape technology. In true shape technology, Shoe upper is developed on wide last which gives better fitting to players.

Yonex power cushion plus series
In the year 2020, Yonex introduces its latest brand with power cushion. This shoe has power cushion technology that helps the player to get world-class comfort and feel. Great cushion is essential because: -
• Helps in avoiding the significant injuries
• Offers extra bounce to the player while giving full energy
• Movement in court is quite comfortable

Yonex Akayu Series
The Akayu series of Yonex badminton shoes is specially designed for the intermediate players. Its top features are: -
• Designed with die-cut and mold technique
• Developed with true shape and true cushion technologies to deliver an excellent fitting
• High absorption technology

Yonex Court Matrix series
Yonex has come up with new and advanced court matrix series for offering the best stability so that the player has sharper movements. It is an upgraded version of the last year's court matrix badminton shoes. Its main features are: -
• True cushion helps to absorb maximum shock during play
• Delivers full stability to the foot
• The sole of this Yonex shoe is round in shape that offers maximum support for smooth movement

Latest Li-Ning 2020 badminton shoes at Khelmart

Li-Ning is the perfect brand of credibility and world-class quality when it comes to badminton shoes. Starting from beginners to advanced players, the company has discovered and designed the best quality badminton shoes with the latest technology. The main motive of the company is to offer comfort and stability to the advanced player so that they showcase the best play. Let's have a look on its various series: -

In 2020, Li-Ning series will get more love than other badminton shoes just because of its comfort and durability. The players can stay on the court for as many hours as they want to while wearing these shoes. It is made up of foam cushioning that is very light in weight.

Further, if you talk about Li-Ning shadow blade shoes at Khelmart, they are best as compared to others. These shoes are in high demand just because of their latest and upgraded features: -
• Offer a strong grip on the ground
• Highly breathable
• DualLoc
• Anti-Slip technology

Ranger TD 3 Li-Ning badminton shoes is another professional badminton shoe for the advanced players. The design of these shoes is seamless, which means you will not find stitching on the whole shoe. Apart from this, its sole is built in its core, has a firm grip, and offers full support while playing.

Latest 2020 Thrax shoes

Thrax is another best sports company that discovers unmatched badminton shoes with world-class quality. In 2020, Thrax worked a lot in making its badminton shoes excellent in all the aspects. For all types of badminton courts, they have the best quality shoes like: -

Thrax Aura 900 series
In this series, Thrax has introduced numerous shoes for all types of players in various attractive colors. Their top features are: -
• The material of the outer sole in non-marked with 100% rubber
• New technology with optic shape, that offers the best fitting and feel
• The upper portion of the shoe is PU with advanced mesh design

Thrax Aura 101
It is another invention for the badminton players in shoes, which has the latest lamination technique that makes the shoe very light and flexible. Its qualities are: -
• Developed for advanced badminton players
• It is designed with two layers of cushion for maximum comfort
• An additional layer of Eva is offered to the shoe that helps in overall cushioning

Thrax Gel Extreme Series
Thrax Gel Extreme badminton shoe is a very different shoe from others. It is made based on the broad concept, which automatically adjusts according to the player’s foot size. Its features are: -
• Developed for intermediate players
• The midsole of the shoe is phylon and EVA Cushion Plate
• Highly durable and consistent so that the players can show their best talent

Latest 2020 Victor badminton shoes

Victor, another badminton shoemaking company, invents unique and extra-ordinary shoes for the players so that they can play well and win the game. Let’s put some light on the latest 2020 victor badminton shoes: -

Victor P9210 badminton shoes
The team of Victor's badminton shoes strives hard to make every shoe fashionable and comfortable. This badminton shoe called P9210 is ready to release its power as compared to its past models. Its main features are: -
• For extra support and stability, Victor has used new upper material
• The technology used is game-changing that offers durable and robust nature
• The EVA is excellent
• Has carbon power to absorb the shock -

Victor SH-A920
This pair of badminton shoes is very sleek in terms of its looks. Side by side, it offers excellent breathability. Its features are: -
• Sole is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane
• Rubber is used to make the outsole of these badminton shoes
• It is made up of NEO DUPLEX technology, which is covering the midsole

Victor A922
There is another invention of Victor called A922 with extra durability and stability for the players. It is made up of softer upper material that delivers extra comfort. Other than this, it has: -
• Double-mesh material, which is breathable for giving comfort
• The technology is V-durable that helps in reducing the abrasion
• Upper material is Digi knit and V-Tough

Victor A610II
This pair of badminton shoes is exquisite and wonderfully designed for exceptional comfort and power. The front sole of the boots is very slim that helps in adjusting the shoe perfectly into the foot.
Its top features are: -
• The upper portion of the shoe is of PU leather and double mesh
• For shock absorption, it is built with energy mix 3.0
• The extra cushioning in the heel area supports the whole foot and offers a very nice feeling

Latest 2020 Nivia badminton shoes

Nivia is another sports brand company that manufactures world-class quality badminton shoes at a reasonable price. In the range of badminton shoes, they have listed some of the latest top models of the shoes for the year 2020. They are as follows: -

- Nivia power strike series
Feel comfortable and easy while playing badminton with this pair of badminton shoes. Its main features are: -
• The sole of these shoes are made up of phylon that offers suitable support and stability to the feet
• The upper portion is of sturdy mesh that helps in keeping the feet at ease and makes the player engage in long term game session
• The technology used is Duofoam and non-marking

- Nivia New HyCourt Series
This lightweight Nivia badminton shoe delivers surpassed performance without any doubt. The best part is the design of this pair has the ability to offer maximum comfort, helping the players to avoid injuries.
Its main features are: -
• Upper material is made up of synthetic leather
• Non-marking shoes, it means no stitches
• Sole is of rubber with a loop at the backside

Latest Badminton shoes technology in the year 2020

- Yonex BOA Fit System technology
This technology in badminton shoes is based on two dials. According to the demands and lateral movement of the badminton players, the Yonex has invented these two BOA Fit System to secure the toe and ankle part fully. In the two-part, there is elastic lace for extra comfort, and the dial near to the ankle helps in tightening the sailcloth. It does two things at the same time- offers dynamic footwork and comfort.

- Power cushion plus
To make the movement faster, Yonex has improved the shock absorption power with power cushion technology.

- Yonex power Graphite
Everyone knows that graphite is light in weight, durable, and highly rigid. So, in order to improve overall stability and reduce weight, Yonex has used a graphite plate in the middle part. It acts as the supporting system.

- Li-Ning shoe cloud and cushion technology
The cloud Li-Ning badminton shoe mid-sole is made up of very special polymer that helps in slowing down impact during the game. On the other hand, it offers full feet cushioning and high rebound.
Cushion technology of the Li-Ning badminton shoes is placed directly at the impact area as it protects the foot from shock absorption that helps in smooth playing.

- Victor badminton shoe technology
All the technologies used in these victor badminton shoes are of world-class quality that offer the player ease to play the best of his game. If you talk about carbon power technology, it helps in proper player’s stability and helps in decreasing the torsional strain on the foot.
Another V Durable plus is very useful for the inner toe in terms of better strength and high durability.

- Thrax badminton shoes
The Thrax opti shape technology offers the best fitting and feel while playing badminton. On the other hand, the opti cushion technology is one of the best technologies used by Thrax in their shoes to deliver high-class comfort and stability.

Guide on how to select the badminton shoes- Latest 2020

- If you are looking forward to buying good quality badminton shoes to play your best, there are various things the player must consider before purchasing a good pair of shoes. Firstly, you must know what type of court and on what position you are going to play so that you can buy shoes according to that.

- On the other hand, there are two other essential things which you should see in a good pair of shoes i.e. it must prevent you from significant injuries and help in maximizing the overall performance during play.

- So, after reading the latest 2020 badminton shoe guide, you might have came to the conclusion that which shoes will best suit you. All the best for your play while wearing the best badminton shoes.


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