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About Brand

A cricket ball is the most critical cricket equipment used to play the cricket game. There are plenty of manufacturers available in the market who frame cricket balls for a wide assortment of players and their needs. The Kookaburra is a well-known, trusted brand of cricket balls. The Kookaburra balls are used in international cricket games by many countries, including India. It is a well-established name in cricket goods. It is a leading brand of cricket balls which manufactures cricket balls for all cricket match formats whether it is 20-20, ODI, or test matches. The Kookaburra balls are made from high-quality cork and leather.

History of Kookaburra Cricket Balls

Kookaburra company was established in 1890. It has been manufacturing cricket balls from the last 128 years. The Kookaburra balls were used for the first time in 1946/47 by the Australian Cricket Board in Ashes test series. The founder AG Thomson gave the name Kookaburra after his pet. It is the leading manufacturer of cricket and hockey equipment. During the first 100 years, Kookaburra traded only as AG Thomson Pvt Ltd.

Nowadays, it has its head office in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and India. Kookaburra sports now extensively incorporate 150 employees worldwide as their business continues to grow. In 1920, Kookaburra was established as a brand and became one of the leading Australian manufacturers of handmade cricket balls. Since 1956, Kookaburra hockey balls have been used in the Olympics games. Since 1984, Kookaburra works extensively with hockey and cricket sporting boards throughout the world.

The Best Kookaburra Balls

Kookaburra cricket balls are amongst the top-selling products of this company. The outer shell core of a Kookaburra ball is composed of supreme quality leather. The ball also has line stitching around 68-70 with four strand thread. The core of the ball is of superior quality. Kookaburra balls are available in different colors. The kookaburra ball price ranges from Rs. 375 for a single ball to Rs.10650 for the pack of 30 balls. The ball cover is generally made from grade 1 and grade 2 level alum tanned leather.

Different Models of Kookaburra Balls

The company offers a wide range of cricket balls, which are suitable for different cricket formats. Take a look at the most prominent cricket balls models offered by Kookaburra.

Kookaburra Turf White Cricket Ball

Kookaburra white ball is suitable for the tournament levels. It is best suited for short over games, including ODI and T-20 cricket format. It is made from high-quality alum tanned leather. The core of the ball has five-layered quilted centers. The average weight of the ball is around 150 to 160gm. The ball is highly resistant to moisture, which makes it suitable to play even in moisture conditions. The Kookaburra white ball has smaller seams, which only fits for short over games.

The Kookaburra Pace Cricket Ball

This ball is hand-stitched with four-piece construction and is one of the premium balls amongst the worlds top manufacturers. It has a three-layer quilted center. It is made from grade 2 alum tanned steer hide cover, which makes it extra durable and water-resistant. The core is encased with premium quality cork fitted with pure wool. The quality of this Kookaburra leather ball is superb. The ball is available in two prime colors-white and red. The average weight of the ball is 156 to 142gm.

The Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball

This model of cricket ball is suitable for all types of cricket formats, especially for competitive cricket throughout the world. This Kookaburra ball has supreme quality hand-stitched four-piece construction. It also has four layered quilted centers. The ball is covered with grade 1 alum tanned steer hide leather. It comes only in red color, which is also demanded by the players. The ball is generally waxed to make it water-resistant and extra-durable to play in tough conditions. The average weight of the ball is ranging between 142-157g. It consists of a core center made of 100% wool. The ball is water-resistant, which shows that the Dewey pitch would not cause any damage to the ball.

Kookaburra brand is devoted to sports in providing premium quality products and provides excellence in the field. The different models of cricket balls are usually opted for the tournament level and advanced level cricket games. Kookaburra is a renowned name in sports equipment, which is being endorsed by many world-class international players. The brand has also received an association letter from the International Cricket Council for their reliable cricket equipment.


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