All about Cricket Score Book

Scoring in cricket includes two essential aspects- the total runs formed and wicket lose by the team. A cricket scorebook helps in maintaining the scoring record of the scorer. The umpire on the field does this tedious job. But a scorebook helps in maintaining the record in a precise manner.

Moreover, the scorebook even helps in keeping a record of the overs and balls delivered to the batsman. A simple scorebook helps in keeping the simple runs score by the individual player as well as the new score given to the player. It also helps in keeping the record of whole team players with their scores. There are a variety of scorebooks available with more tools to have keen observation of each aspect of scores.

Use of cricket scorebook

Scorebook is useful in many ways like-

 It helps in maintaining the record of runs scored by the individual player.
 The more advanced score sheet helps in recording even little details like how many balls are faced by the batsman.
 In the modern scorecard, it is often possible to record the time at which the batsman faces the ball.
 More interesting is that it helps notify the timing of each batsman to spend on the pitch.
 The individual score sheet maintained by the player is also helpful in improving skills.
 A modern scorebook helps in keeping pin details about each delivery of balls.
 A scorebook not only helps in recording the runs and balls faced by the bowler, but it is also helpful in recording the stats of the bowler also.

Different types of cricket scorebooks Depending upon the kind of record needed to be maintained and the level of cricket, a scorebook is of various types, which are as follows-

Simple scorebook A simple score sheet constitutes of two columns. The first column is for batsman record, and another column is for bowling record. In the batsman column, number of runs scored by the players is acknowledged. In addition to this in batsman column, they also record the in and out timing of each player. The extra runs scored by the player are also notified in the other column of the batsman.

In the bowler column, the no. of balls delivered by each bowler, and their overs are recorded.There is another column as well in which other details are recorded.

The printable score sheets The printable score sheet is more precise with different columns in the excel sheet. It helps to keep the record like- the runs, balls, dots, overs of the individual player, as well as teams record. The printable scorebooks have room for each precise detail of scores, extras,dots, wickets fall, timing, overs, bowling length, delivery, etc. Take out the print out of an excel sheet with recorded data.

The advantage of using an excel printable sheet is that it helps to create the correct estimated record of innings. Each column in the excel sheet is used to notify the details. The printable score sheet is used in international as well as domestic cricket. It can customize according to the type of cricket. Once the record is done, it can be downloaded for having the print.

The fillable cricket scorebook

The fillable cricket scorebook is one of the types of the printable scorebook. The format leads to maintain T-20 super over records in more precise manner.The cricket score sheet 20 over’s constitute the fillable columns mentioned with the name column for team players. The fillable scorebook constitutes the column mentioned with the name, score gain, how a player is out, time notation of each player, wides were given, number of 4s and 6s, extra runs given, number of balls faced by each player, the bowler throws no balls, number of balls thrown by the bowler, etc.

There is a fillable column for each record to be maintained. The fillable print form provides you the ease of typing without having the trouble of creating columns as the column heads are already having the written column for each record.

Some of the best scoring books

There are many cricket scorebooks available in niche. Some of the best scoring books are-

Vinex cricket scorebook

The Vinex cricket scorebook is made of simple cardboard. It is an excellent scorebook for keeping a record of cricket game played on the junior level, for a club, any competition or just for fun. It is a perfect scorebook for beginners. It helps maintain scores of 20 matches or even more.

SS cricket scorebook

The SS scorebook seems ideal for maintaining a record of cricket matches scores which are played either for competition. It constitutes 30 pages and is perfect for maintaining 60 innings records. It helps to maintain an accurate record of scores, the number of members of the team who played the innings, batting analysis, fall of a wicket, scoring rate, bowling analysis, and lot more details. It has to be maintained manually while playing the innings and recording the overall analysis of scores.

The Gray Nicolls scorebook

The Gray Nicolls scorebook is ideal for maintaining score records and other details of the cricket innings. It comes with full-page inning review having different rooms for innings like runs made by the individual batsman, bowling analysis, time of innings, the timing of out of batsman, total 4s and 6s, how many wides are there and how many no-balls fall. It can record the scores and inning details of more than 100 innings and is ideal for school cricket and competitive cricket..

Gravity scorebook

The gravity scorebook is ideal for all types of cricket gear. In this scorebook, one can easily record 48 innings in a full precise manner. It can also hold the record of bowling average and contains the record of matches result. There is a separate page for recording each bowling and batting details.

Thus, the scorebook is not only a scorebook to check only the winner team and looser team, but also helps in keeping the record of the individual player to improve their skills. A scorebook is helpful to keep a record of players' performance as well.

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