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Thrax Power Boost Cricket Stud Shoes
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Thrax Aura 900 Cricket shoes Blue Lime
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PRO ASE CG 11 Cricket Shoes White Blue
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MRP Rs. 7599
Adidas Howzat Spike 20 Cricket Shoes
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Latest 2020 Cricket Shoes Guide

As the cricket sport has developed, the techniques, design, and conveniences have also changed. In fact, cricket shoes have advanced quickly that also allowed the players to perform their best. Now, players look for every benefit that they can gain while playing cricket.

In addition, it can often be a difficult decision to choose the right shoe which is similar to picking the best bat or ball. It is an essential choice to make sure that you enjoy the next few hours of relaxation on the track.

First of all, you must face multiple decisions and each option will bring you closer to the perfect shoe that fits your way of playing. Choosing the right pair can provide bowlers with improved ankle support, and can help the batman to run fast.

A quick note on what your shoes should provide you while you are practicing or playing:
• Should have light weight, as usual in sport shoes
• Must have a perfect grip
• Best cushion comfort
• High performance provider

However, there are numerous branded latest shoes that are stepping into the market of 2020, before the time. They all are using their strategies to attract you. But it is essential for the players to keep in mind the surface for play and then take the decision to purchase.

As the year 2020 is on the way to come, there are some best choices coming from trusted brands like Puma, Nike, and ASICS shoes grabbing up the market. Therefore, here we are going to introduce you to some of the superior quality cricket shoes to provide players a comfortable feeling while playing.

Latest 2020 Puma Cricket shoes at Khelmart

Puma is a renowned brand for manufacturing attractive design shoes, athletics accessories, apparels and casual footwear.

One of the best options for today's range of trendy and sturdy boots is Puma. If you're looking to buy a Puma pair for your cricket play, then we have some options.

Puma One8R Series:

This series of Puma shoe is built with a new footwear design concept that involves the latest features and trendy feel. The base color of the pair is white while the Puma symbol features the signature style of the brand on top of it. Main features include:
• Notorious for its quality, lightweight and excellent fit
• Developed with microfiber of ultra-lightweight
• This cricket shoe is fitted with 11 spike designs for toughness
• For proper air traffic, new air venting system is provided in the shoe

All new Puma Spike shoes:

Introducing the newest 2020 Puma cricket shoes for genuine cricket players featuring advance spikes and developed heel designs! Each shoe is produced using the new production method in which the upper shoe is created using a laminated technology and requires limited stitching.

Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 C Spike Cricket Shoes

As the entire range of Puma cricket shoes come with some specialty, this spike shoe is also renowned for its appealing appearance. Main features include:
• A charming appearance because of its multiple laces that feature its unique look
• Mid-foot fit system that provides a perfect grip, what every cricket player requires
• Its low-ankle design not just brings this product into the limelight, but also adds comfort with a cushioned footbed. • Comes with synthetic upper and padded tongue and collar

Spike Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 Bowl Cricket Shoes

With strap close-up device and lace, this spike shoe is built keeping every small part in mind. These shoes are completely lightweight and come with an elegant design. Main features include:
• Outer material is made of super lightweight microfiber.
• High resilience EVA is used in the making of the midsole of this cricket shoe
• For durability configurations, these cricket shoes are prepared with 11 spikes

Puma 19 FH Series:

These Puma 19 FH rubber shoes have just been designed to offer support to the cricketers, with the latest features and functions capable of withstanding long hours out in the field. The protection and toughness are supported by an internal support system and durable toe cap. Main features include:
• Synthetic upper is durable and soft
• Superior cushioning comes along with EVA midsole
• For better grip, multi-studded outsole made of rubber are provided
• For a comfortable fit, lace closure is provided

Latest 2020 New Balance Shoes at Khelmart

New Balance is a footwear company based in America. The brand has become famous for its shoe width sizes, cushioning support, and heel counters. Similarly, when we talk about the New Balance cricket shoes, they are built of synthetic fabric and leather, providing you with long-lasting comfort and durability.

New Balance Stud Cricket Shoes

This great 2020 collection of cricket shoes by New Balance has been just introduced to us. The New Balance Cricket Shoes are crafted with full leather that gives you long-lasting durability and stability. Main features include:
• Superior traction on artificial surfaces made easy by vigorous Turf outsole.
• The shoe is constructed of ACTEVA LITE durable midsole that offers arch support and strong shock absorption.
• Better durability and improved toe region to reduce wear and tear.

New Balance Spike Cricket Shoes

These New Balance cricket shoes are made for the advanced and basic level players who are searching for the right durable shoes with comfort and durability without any compromise. Main features include:
• It's an ideal shoe made for its great fit like it was just made specifically for your foot.
• Upper material is made of upper plastic mesh with TPU reinforcing, supplying you with long-lasting durability and versatility.
• This shoe's upper part is skeletally built to provide ultra-light comfort and support. The top is produced without any stitching phase by fusing the two products.

Latest 2020 Nike Shoes

Nike is introducing its innovative latest 2020 cricket shoes, especially for cricket that you must-have. The company creates strong connections with customers to provide a convincing retail experience, with an interconnected marketplace. So, here are some most appealing shoe items by Nike that are promising for your best cricket play.

Nike Domain Series

Nike Domain cricket shoes are one from the latest 2020 Nike cricket shoes manufactured of highest quality material that offers you long-lasting durability and flexibility.
It gives you outstanding breathability and comfort with a non-leather upper pledge. It is specially designed for skilled and elite level players. Here are some of its shoes you should try.

Nike Domain 2 Cricket Shoes:

With a Phylon midsole and robust friction design, the Nike Domain 2 unisex cricket shoes offer lightweight cushioning and excellent stability on the ground. When you buy online Nike cricket shoes, pick this one. These are just the best cricket shoes. Main features include:
• Synthetic leather covers for versatile protection
• For lightweight cushioning, Phylon midsole is used
• Safe full-length layer for excellent stability with 11 metal bolts

Nike Domain 2 NS Cricket Shoes:

It is built to provide the maximum comfort and long-lasting efficiency on the ground. Nike Domain 2 NS comes with lightweight, durable synthetic leather upper that provides the athlete with an incomparable comfort. Main features include:
• This shoe has a lightweight phylon midsole that allows it to become comfortable and lets you handle the floor easily.
• Nike Domain 2 NS is fitted with a rugged rubber outsole that optimizes surface friction and always guarantees long-lasting results.
• The light conditional blue and super blue shoes look luxurious.

Nike Alfa Series:

Nike Alpha Series shoes come with a new Swoosh style. They're rested on a supportive silicone midsole with a flexible ankle collar, tonal fit and locked-in lacing to keep your feet relaxed and cushioned. Coming with an outstanding outsole, here are some important cricket shoes by Nike you need to try right now.

Nike Alpha Accelerate 3:

It is an Accelerate series updated version with new and innovative technologies such as adjustable ankle support, tighter braces for better fitting, and upgraded upper content. These are attractive looking shoes with a high ankle support. Main features include:
• it is a great shoe made for those cricketers who love playing with lightweight shoes
• Whether it is great fielder cap or fast bowler, it offers the opportunity to move quickly and comfortably and helps you maintain stability on the cricket pitch
• Gives the players better fit and comfort. When producing this pair, the shoe is constructed of super sturdy and rugged plastic of upper content.

Latest 2020 Thrax Shoes

When it comes to choosing the latest 2020 cricket shoes, then we can’t forget Thrax shoes, famous for their innovation in producing brand new cricket shoes that vary from professional players to newcomers. There are some options in the list of the best Thrax shoes for a cricket match.

Thrax Strider:

High quality and robust patented PVC is used as the upper material in these Thrax shoes. They also provide a strong skin fit and come with double cushion technology that also contains nylon mesh. The main features include:
• Opti Shape shoe technology comes along with double cushion and manufacturing system that lasts for long
• Durable PVC sole is used as the outer sole
• Designed for all-rounder type intermediate cricket players

Thrax Gel Extreme:

If you are an intermediate cricket player and looking for super light cricket shoes, then this pair will work the best for you. The sole of this cricket shoe is made using phylon and the upper shape is made in such a way that it perfectly fits the cricket players. Main features include:
• Provides the best comfort and fit for an impeccable play
• Use of opti-shape concept and Pu upper sole
• Offers good air circulation and comes with attractive design

Latest 2020 ASICS Gel Shoes

There is not much that we noticed about the Asics gel shoes over the past couple of years that could be noteworthy. This has always been unfortunate, but in the year 2020, it is surely going to come in the limelight.

Gel-300 Not Out

Highly advanced technology comes up with the GEL-300 not out cricket shoes, which comes with a PU plate design. This shoe has now been fitted with a midsole FlyteFoam system to reduce the weight and boost comfort and efficiency. Main features include:
• The shoe's top part is built to provide the best experience and it comes with the welded inner support.
• To strengthen every part of the ASICS shoe support, the system features extremely well.
• The shoe is completely endorsed mainly for batting and fielding

Gel-Peake 5

Perfect for cricket; designed using a single structure midsole and a droopy rubber outsole, this cricket shoe provides excellent traction during the match. It also provides rear foot and forefoot GEL Cushioning to help absorb the shock when performing on hard surfaces. Main features include:
• Additional protection is offered by the Trusstic System technology
• GEL–Rearfoot and removable Sockliner
• Given the lightweight nature, the shoe has been designed to provide cushioning and safety too

Latest Technology and Innovation in Cricket Shoes

It is actually a very impressive thing that needs to be described. With the changing of the era, now cricket shoes haven' remained like those ordinary usual ones. But now cricket shoes are developed with technology and latest innovation that we can easily get to see.

Now each shoe is special for its specific content. Because of new technologies in sports, good manufacturing industries are giving superb cricketing footwear. Also, shoes have started coming with a lot of capabilities that help a cricket player to perform its best inside the cricket battle.

Here is a list of top brands that’s been doing this duty well to enhance the performance of players with their innovative shoe performance.

Latest Innovation in Puma Shoes:

The PUMA is a company in which quality shoes are being made using computer technology. Their appealing performance of shoes is the outcome of the groundbreaking RS Software, which they use in the manufacturing of their shoes.
Initially the software technology for the shoe is used to track running efficiency. PUMA always continues digital technology experiments, and this highlights how PUMA can support athletes for their best performance.
They have created technical advancements by trying something new to bring outstanding performance in the athletes.

Latest Innovation in Nike Shoes:

In the making of latest cricket shoes, technology is not only different and new. It's great and modern. It's incredible. It's surprising at times. No one is doing greater than Nike as the company spends a lot of time in analyzing athletes and customers listening to them, watching, researching and then producing shoes that improve athletic performance.
At the Nike Performance Research Lab, much of its success exists on the time they spend on research. It is the leading hub in advanced biomechanics research and development, exercise physiology, electronics, industrial design, and related fields.
Nike creates a connection with athletes and customers that enables this brand to develop game-changing technology. This is the reason how Nike knows well to satisfy consumers with its innovation.

Latest Innovation in ASICS Shoes:

Asics aims to increase the performance of long-distance running with the launch of MetaRide, it's new running shoe equipped with a combination of initial innovations to optimize the running style.
ASICS concept, developed over two years at the Asics Sports Science Institute in Kobe, Japan, focuses on the ankle joint energy loss.
It initially begins with 3D modeling and then creating and evaluating designs. The Asics company engineers created new technology that examines the shoe for better fit.

Basic points to consider before selecting the Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are quite an essential part that every player requires in his cricket collection. Whether you are you are well in batting, bowling or fielding, a shoe performs its crucial role.
Therefore, here are some key advantages that your shoe should provide you for better performance in a cricket match.
• Cricket shoes must have stronger grip, so that in between the match, the shoe never gets loose or make you slip.
• For the better protection from unwelcomed weather conditions, the upper layer should be robust so it does not affect the play.
• Just as the shoe design and its color matters, the comfort is also a vital element. So, check if your shoe provides you that comfort what you expect.


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