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Details Guide on Badminton Shoes:

About Badminton Shoe:
Badminton is one of the most played and watched racket sports around the world. Badminton is world’s fastest Sports and known for its lightening fast badminton rallies and fast smashes. Badminton shoes plays important role in game as court covering and quick response to shots is essential in order to dominate in the game. Badminton Shoes are important for a badminton player because it protects your feet when they move around on court. Badminton shoes with improved technologies like power cushion helps in performing better while its extra cushioning effect gives added advantage during jump smashes and to move quickly in different direction. Badminton Shoes players key role in badminton game and impact a lot on player’s performance. Perfectly selected badminton shoes can complement the badminton player performance.

Following are the characteristics of good quality badminton footwear:
- Better Court Covering
- Good Response time
- Better foot Movement
- Perfect Fitting
- Better Grip
- Lightweight in nature
- Good Cushioning
- Better finishing and comfort
- Should be protect feet from injuries
- Better traction force
- More flexibility at the forefoot
- Performance is maximized during the game

About Badminton Shoes Materials:
There are two types of materials available for badminton shoes:
1) Sole Material 2) Upper Material

Sole Material has been manufactured with Non Marking Rubber Sole Material. Sole material should contain following characteristics:
- It is a highly durable, slip resistant outsole material that will not mark floor surfaces
- It provides you superior midsole cushioning
- Helps in perfect gripping and gives improved footing power

Upper Material has manufactured with P.U.Leather, Synthetic Leather, Nano PU, Microfiber, Polyster Mesh and Non Leather materials. Upper Material shoes need to have some basic qualities, which are listed as follows:
- Superior quality
- Great comfort and durability
- Powerful support and stability
- More stable movement
- Long-Lasting performance
- Effective energy transfer

About Badminton Shoe Performance:
Perfectly designed badminton shoes should delivers following playing characteristics:
• Better comfort and maximum foot movements
• Helps in Hitting jump smashes
• Flexibility during running and Sharpe court movement
• Reduces the risk of injuries
• Superior court covering
• Enhanced traction force

Top Brands Badminton Shoes:
Top Brands Badminton Shoes:

a) Yonex:
Yonex Company is one of the famous sports brand company. Yonex is the biggest name when it come badminton equipments like: badminton rackets, shoes, bags, shuttlecocks and other accessories. Yonex collection has gives you wonderful feel and comfort to badminton players. Yonex badminton shoes are made from P.U Leather with greater quality stitching and power cushion. The world’s top players like: Lee Chong Wei are proud to play with Yonex footwear.

b) Li-Ning:
Li-Ning is most demanding brand in the field of badminton. LI Ning badminton shoes provide you excellent control, more flexibility and cushioning especially to the fore fit. Li-Ning badminton shoes will provide you the all-round performance and super feel. This company shoe sole is very soft and gives you great comfort and durability. It provides you high impact cushion technology and protects from any heels injuries and gives you good shock absorbing ability. It is excellent for maintaining body balance.

c) Nivia:
Nivia Company is the India’s leading sports brands. Nivia has producing the finest sport goods for Indian sport person to help an improve their performance and it gives you world class sports equipment at an affordable price. It has developing new and innovative cutting edge design and technologies that enhance the performance of all sportsmen. Nivia badminton shoe provides you fantastic and durable performance.

d) Adidas:
Adidas is well-known sports Brand Company. Adidas shoe has best in performance and to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential. Adidas badminton shoes have a shock absorbing soft EVA providing you excellent cushioning and helps reducing impacts to ankle joints and knees. Adidas badminton shoe has highly responsive EVA maintaining fore foot propulsion to accelerate your game with all-round performance and great comfort. Adidas badminton shoe provides you incredible and durable performance.


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